Sonata Bridal Therapy

Workshop for Brides

The process of organising a wedding represents a long, stressful and extensive journey even for professionals who do it every day. As someone who first encounters this much tasks, you can easily get lost in the piles of information, and that can be a huge burden and overwhelming. Our team of professional organisers and wedding planners have introduced a significant amount of experience in creating the most complete workshops for couples, especially brides, who are starting the adventure of planning their own wedding.

We called the workshop Bridal Therapy because we know how hard it is to preserve common sense in this emotional and nerve-wracking period.

In these workshops, we will handle various topics that every couple, who are planning a wedding, faces and we will answer the individual questions and problems that are troubling you in the process of planning and organising.

Some of the topics we will talk about are:

  • How to choose ideal associates: band, DJ, cake, videographer, photographer, jeweller…
  • Where you should pay attention to? In other words how to bond everything together?
  • Planning your budget.
  • Find your perfect wedding gown!
  • Making of…timeline and protocol
  • Coordinating all of your vendors
  • Perfect invitation quotation
  • What to do when everyone wants to be involved?
  • Smart ways to include your mother in law in planning.


And so much more…

Bridal Therapy workshops will be held once a month. Schedule and program will be delivered to you via e-mail. You will soon be able to download the FREE workbook for planning your special day, prepared by Open Concept team on this page.